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Healing Rooms of Loveland
Online Ministry:
Signing Up for a Ministry Session

(If you've already read these instructions, click here to go straight to the signup form.)

As you know, public-health measures to hinder the spread of the corona virus include restricting people from gathering in groups larger than a certain size. In order to comply with these governmental recommendations/​regulations, the Healing Rooms of Loveland are closed to in-person gatherings until the restrictions are lifted.

However, as so many other ministries and churches are discovering, the church is the people, not the building, and Jesus-followers are coming up with new ways to love and minister to people even while group sizes remain limited. So, below is how the Healing Rooms ministry of Loveland is currently meeting the need.

How to Receive Ministry

Ministry sessions for both healing and prophetic ministry will take place through online meetings using the Zoom app, so you'll need to have Zoom installed on your computer, tablet, or phone. (Click here to see how to install Zoom, and click here if you're nervous about Zoom's alleged security issues.) The ministry timeframe is the same as before: Monday evenings from 5:30–8:00, with signups occurring no later than 7:30.

Here's how it works:

  1. Fill out the Ministy Request form to request ministry: healing, prophetic, or both.
  2. When a ministry team (healing or prophetic) is available, you will be notified that a team is ready (via text message by default). If you do not have texting capability, check your email every few seconds so you don't miss your session. Please be ready to respond immediately when the team contacts you; if you do not respond within three minutes, the team will go on to the next person in the queue.
  3. In your notification that the team is ready for you, there will be a link to join a Zoom meeting. Simply tap or click that link and you will be connected to the ministry team, who will give prophetic words (which will be recorded and emailed to you), or pray for you for whatever needs you specify. When your session is finished, simply leave the meeting by click "Leave Meeting." (If Zoom is running on a different device than where you receive texts or email, simply open Zoom, click "Join Meeting," and enter the Meeting ID and password supplied in your notification.)

That's all there is to it! We look forward to serving you!

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